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Folks, I must have gone a little crazy here: I'm giving away 44 killer free downloadable music mp3s from various electronic music projects I have been a part of over the past few years!! Many of these tracks appeared on albums released worldwide, some have been played live by me to crowds in numerous different countries - and others are rare, unreleased versions that not many have heard - until now.

Downloadable mp3s on this page are all:

100% free FULL LENGTH Hi Quality 192kb or 256kb mp3s FULLY LEGAL

These mp3s are LEGAL for you to download and free for your personal use. Yes! Unlike some other so-called free music pages, on this page there's no catch, no tricks, no forced signup, nothing sneaky at all! Simply download the mp3s and turn up the volume. That's all there is to it! Enjoy these free downloadable mp3s.

Why am I doing this? Giving away these tracks helps my music to get heard by a new audience. So Please link to / share this page and tell friends who might be in need of some new tunes about this mega free giveaway!

Alex Alcyone.

The Free mp3s:

Mac: option-click "get mp3" to download. PC: right-click "get mp3" to download.
Mp3s are around 10-15Mb each.

Track Title: Artist / Album: Style / Description: Download free mp3: Listen / Buy More of This Album:
3005 (chilled mix) Alex Alcyone (PXR8) - Buddha Lounge 6 Ambient Dub get mp3
Black Arrow Dub Alcyone - The Stars Are Real Ambient Dub get mp3
Pyramid (Whiteout Mix) Alex Alcyone - unreleased Breaks get mp3 -
The King Of Nowhere Alex Alcyone - unreleased Breaks / Electro get mp3 -
Nightrunner Alex Alcyone - unreleased Psy Trance / Tribal Techno get mp3 -
Starwind Dub Alex Alcyone - unreleased Dub / Dubstep get mp3 -
Forgotten Language Alex Alcyone - unreleased Psy Trance / Tribal Techno get mp3 -
Weaving (Suzanne Sterling and Alex Alcyone) - Ananda Ma Ambient / Chill get mp3
The Silent Awakening (Alex Alcyone remix) Tina Malia - "The Silent Awakening" Breaks get mp3
Odessa Part III Bodhi - "Trans Ukraine" Ambient / Chill Beats with Flute get mp3
Passage Of Time Medicine Drum - "Original Face" Breaks get mp3
24 Hours In January Alex Alcyone - unreleased Breaks get mp3 -
Aquanaut Alex Alcyone - unreleased House get mp3 -
Chakra Dub Alex Alcyone - white label vinyl release only as Medicine Drum "Funk Chakra" B side Dub get mp3 -
Gratitude Alex Alcyone - unreleased House / Tech get mp3 -
Breathless (Vocal Mix) Alcyone - unreleased House w/ female vocal get mp3 -
I Don't Do Anything Alcyone - unreleased Breaks get mp3 -
Side Of The Hill Alcyone - unreleased Dub / Celtic w/ female vocal get mp3 -
Pasiphae Alex Alcyone - unreleased Breaks get mp3 -
Strata (edit) Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient / Chill get mp3 -
Sun And Venus Alex Alcyone - unreleased Deep House get mp3 -
Taprobane Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient / Chill get mp3 -
Untitled 1 Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient / Chill get mp3 -
Untitled 2 Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient / Chill get mp3 -
Zero Gravity Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient Dub get mp3 -
Dubzoid Alex Alcyone - "Into The Light" Ambient / Dub get mp3
The Infinite Wave Alex Alcyone - unreleased Ambient get mp3 -
Thinking Of You Alex Alcyone - "Into The Light" House get mp3
Ripples Alex Alcyone - "Into The Light" House get mp3
Hats Off To Jesai Alex Alcyone - "Into The Light" House get mp3
Jaya Durge Alcyone - unreleased Chill Electronica get mp3 -
The Proverb Alcyone - unreleased Chill Electronica get mp3 -
The Waterline Session Alex Alcyone - unreleased House / Chill / Jazz get mp3 -
Dubstream Medicine Drum - "Original Face" Chill Dub get mp3
Katakali Medicine Drum - "Original Face" Techno / Psy Trance / Tribal get mp3
Skeleton Crew Medicine Drum - "Talking Stick" Ethno-Breakbeat get mp3
Jupiter Wave Cybervixen - "Kundal My Lini" Vocal Tech House get mp3 Cybervixen - Kundal My Lini
Telepathine Cybervixen - "Ultra Venus" Ambient Electronic / Vocal get mp3 Cybervixen - Ultra Venus
African Praise White Fire - "Love Is The Greatest" Tribal / Vocal / House get mp3
The Silkworm Alex Alcyone & Shakatura - unreleased Chill / Techno get mp3 -
Cure2000 Alex Alcyone & DJ Kin - unreleased jam Deep House with Piano get mp3 -
No Use Flapping Alex Alcyone & Tom Hamilton - unreleased Experimental / Ambient get mp3 -
Tangiers / "Right Here Right Now" (Alex Alcyone unreleased instrumental version) Wisdom - Debut Album Dub / Trip Hop get mp3
Secret Lotus (Alex Alcyone remix) David & Steve Gordon - Groove Tribe Ambient / Chill get mp3

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Please help me spread the word: "Like" this page, share or link to it to share with your friends what you have found! And don't forget to come back - those who know me know that I will make more tracks and keep adding to my collection. This free downloadable music mp3 collection will keep on growing and I will not stop!

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Please note, these mp3s are 100% free downloads for personal use. Put them in your ipod, play them at your party, give them to your friends, rock them in your car, put them on mix CDs you make as gifts. However, this music is not public domain and the copyright is still owned by me.

So if you wish to *sell* or distribute these tracks in any way, shape or form, or incorporate them into a manufactured product, whether it is as part of a DJ mix CD you are selling, or as part of a compilation, video soundtrack or other release or distribution, you must obtain a license from me / respective copyright owners and pay fees. Please also don't upload these tracks to another site - simply link to this page instead (easier!)

Licensing tracks from me is a simple process and I have done it many times. Contact me: alexalcyone [[[att]]]

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This free downloadable music page was brought to you by Alex Alcyone.

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